The SISU 1.6 | Ultralight

Lacrosse helmets can't always protect your teeth.

That's where SISU comes in.

The SISU 1.6 | Ultralight Adult Mouth Guard is the perfect accessory to help you improve your game.  At only 1.6mm thick, the Ultralight is 60% thinner than conventional mouth guards making it easy for you to talk, breath, and drink without ever taking it out.  This means more time on the field and better communication with your team.  As a bonus, the Ultralight is still 30% stronger than conventional mouth guards, so you have the ultimate comfort, without sacrificing protection.

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  • 60% thinner material makes it easy to talk, breathe, and drink!

  • 30% better protection keeps you smiling!

  • Perfect custom fit, for a fraction of the cost.

  • Advanced Diffusix™ technology makes SISU 30% stronger.