Roller Derby

Roller Derby preferred Mouthguard

SISU™ mouthguard, a household name in Roller Derby is an astonishingly thin, obnoxiously bright, boomerang-shaped hunk of technology revolutionizing mouthguards across the universe by offering more protection and less mouthguard. Youth or adult, braces or not, during a bout or practice – our complete line of high-tech SISU guards are the ultimate athletic mouth shields that allow you to talk, breathe and drink, while protecting up t0 50% better than any other conventional brands. Faceplats, whipeouts, knees, skates - we've seen them all. 


This video is a dedication to our derby players who've supported us from day one, who recognized us as the mouthguard technology pioneer, embraced us and helped us grow.

First of its kind, it features our sponsored roller derby team from Detroit and our super star Feta Sleeze. It premiered at the WFTDA Playoffs at the Masonic Temple - home of the Detorit Derby Grils



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